1. How can I follow the progress of my repayments?

    A schedule allows you to closely follow the progress of your repayments, providing the following details:

    • The money available in your piggy bank
    • Upcoming repayments per project
    • The date of the last repayment
    • Downloadable versions of your loan contracts

    Please note: the upcoming and final repayment fields are populated as soon as the micro-entrepreneur’s project has been totally financed.

    If you have signed up for the “Babyloan lends for you” option: in your personal account, under the heading “My activity”, the question mark symbol allows you to identify the loans made in your name by Babyloan.

    2. How can I see the projects that Babyloan has loaned money to through the “Babyloan lends for you” option?

    In the “schedule” window of your personal space, under the heading “My money”, a question mark alongside the name of the micro-entrepreneur who has been supported gives you details of the loan made in your name.

    3. My password is not working

    To reset your password, click on the “Forgotten your password?” link on the sign-in page.

    4. I want to change my password

    To change your password, sign in to your personal space by identifying yourself in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Under the heading “My profile”, an option allows you to change your password.

    5. I am not receiving your emails

    It is sometimes possible that our emails fall into your spam or unwanted emails folders, or that they are blocked by your email account. To avoid this, we recommend that you save the addresses communaute@bbl.babyloan.org and suivi@nmp.babyloan.org under your approved contacts.