1 / What is the contribution?

    The contribution is a small amount you pay in addition to each transaction made on the website. It is fixed according to the following scale:

    * if you subscribe to the Annual Subscription

    It follows a sliding scale according to the amount of Euros lent.

    Please note: the contribution is applied to the transaction (when you click on “Validate the loan”) and not to each loan. Therefore, group all of your loans together in one transaction to pay less or subscribe to the Annual Subscription.

    2 / What is the contribution used for?

    As Babyloan has not reached financial balance yet, we have to gather funds in order to cover the following expenditures:

    • Taxes
    •  Charges applicable to the website
    •  Fees charged by the provider
    • Marketing and communication
    • Other general costs
    • Rent and rental costs
    •  Staff costs

    For a €1 contribution, the amount is split as follows:

    3 / What does Babyloan do with the money available on piggybanks?

    Nothing! Babyloan takes no profit from the money available in the lenders’ piggy banks. This money is frozen in a dedicated account at our partner MangoPay, and any movements can only be carried out with your agreement. This is why we regularly ask you to loan again with the money available in your piggybank.

    Please note: following the new Terms and Conditions of Use, came into force in May 2015, the Option “Babyloan lends on your behalf” is automatically applied to the accounts which remained inactive for more than one year (no loans, no repayments, no Gift Card purchased, etc.).

    4 / What is the Annual Subscription?

    This service enables you to pay a contribution once a year! The amount of the Annual Subscription represents 10% of the funds you currently have in the system, whether on your account or pending repayment.

    Lend for a whole year without paying a contribution each time you make a loan!