The pressure of mafia gangs : “las maras”

The maras rage in Colonia Villa Nueva, where Yamileth lives. The maras are criminal gangs involved in extortion, drug trafficking, assassinations, armed attacks and vehicle theft. On the territories they control, the maras call for a "war tax" to small traders, street vendors, taxi drivers, bus drivers, etc. These gangs often use intimidation and threats from these traders to collect the tax. The stranglehold of "maras" on Honduras leads to a global homicide record. The public transport sector is particularly affected by this phenomenon. Just in 2015, 50 people were killed - including 17 professional drivers - and 25 were wounded in attacks trageting the public transport system, according to the National Commission on Human Rights (Conadeh). Yamileth pays a tax to local maras every month; otherwise her small canteen could not work.