Your role as a great team leader is to encourage people to join and share their philanthropic lending experiences. We would like the Babyloan groups to be a meet and exchange space on the long haul. In order for you to do this, we want to suggest a few tips that will allow your group to stand out from the crowd and bring in many more new lenders. Our tips to encourage the lenders to join your group and use the forum:


1. Give your group a theme to give direction to the forum discussions

Creating a group is good. Making it count is better. Think before you create a group and choose the theme(s) you want to emphasize. This is of course not compulsory but we strongly advise that you do so in order to encourage and give direction to the forum discussions.


2. Give your group a catchy name and give lots of details in the group description

The name and description of the group must describe its object. When the lenders are looking for a group to join, the very first thing they see is the name of the group. The description then comes to tell them more about the leader’s reasons for creating a group and its objectives. These two elements allow the lenders to identify your group’s vocation in a blink of an eye!


3. Invite new lenders regularly

You are the only one able to invite new members to join your group and can invite 10 of them per day. Choose carefully! In order for these invitations to be fruitful, we suggest that you invite lenders with whom you share a few common points (who have been lending for about the same time as you, who maybe live in your region, who like to lend in the same countries and sectors as you do, who share your motivations etc.).

Reminder: There are two possible ways to join your group

  • If your group is public, all the lenders are free to join
  • If your group is private, a request to join will be sent to the group leader who will be in charge of managing the group memberships


4. Post a new forum topic at least once a week.

The forum is one of the new features of Babyloan. Use it well! It is a unique space for you to share your opinions and experience with the other lenders (the internal messaging system does no longer exist). Share articles or other contents about your group theme. If you are not sure what to write, you can get some inspiration from the frequent updates we post on the Babyloan blog.


5. Try and answer all the questions or requests from your group members

But do not hesitate to put a stop to any misdemeanor on the forum by deleting an inappropriate member. You are responsible for your group’s compliance with the forum contribution policy.


6. Rally your community by inviting them to lend in support of projects you choose to put under the spotlight.

You can insert both links and text in your messages, go ahead and pick a micro-entrepreneur’s project then promote it on your group, rally the members and support it together. Who knows, you might someday depart as a group to meet a micro-entrepreneur whose project you supported!


7. Get to the top of the bill!

Every week, we choose 3 of the more active groups and promote them on our Community page. This reward goes to the group which has the most new members, the one where the most contributions were made on the forum, and the group whose members have lent the most during the week. Try and make it to our top 3!

Something to remember: when you become the leader of a group, you keep this status « for life » and will not be able to transfer the captaincy to another lender. We are counting on you to keep your group alive and not give up on it anytime soon. We will be at your side if you need help and advice on how to lead your group and improve it.

Above all, have fun and be proud to promote your community both on the website and in real life! The answers to all your questions about managing your group are available on our website. Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information.