• Arnaud Poissonnier, CEO and founder of Babyloan

    I used to lead a sheltered life as a wealth management banker but everything changed when I heard of the NGO ACTED and their work in Tajikistan. My life was turned around after I on the field, discovered microcredit and saw for myself the predicament of these populations who do not have access to the traditional banking system. At that point I just had to get involved and I knew there was no going back: solidarity economics were my true calling. I will never forget the first time I met with a microcredit recipient; her name was Satarova and she was from Douchanbe. Her smile simply radiated pride in being able to show that she could make it on her own. That is the very core of what we do at Babyloan.

    Arnaud Poissonnier's story

    • Natasha Olmi, Microfinance analyst

      Recently graduated from a business school, I have always been interested in development challenges. I have participated in missions within NGOs and social businesses in Nepal and India. After two internships in corporate finance, I decided to turn to solidarity-based finance. I am really convinced that finance can be an effective way to produce social impact. It is thus quite naturally that I turned to Babyloan, which enabled me to develop my skills and to take part in an engaging project in which I sincerely believe.

      Microfinance institutions

      • Cristina Alvarez, green microfinance analyst

        After more than 15 years of professional experience in financial markets, I decided to change path and to turn to international cooperation sector in order to make a more philanthropic use of finances! After a Master in Development at Sciences Po, I started to work in microfinance at Babyloan where I can combine my financial expertise with my desire to support disadvantaged people. When I go on the field to audit our partner institutions, I have the opportunity to have a closer look at how microfinance really helps this people improve their lives!

        • Pauline Roland, Administrative and financial manager

          After business studies, I worked for two years within a multinational. Even though I was satisfied with working within a dynamic structure, there was something missing… I really wanted to work for purpose other than profit motives. That is how I end up within a convivial team supporting a booming philanthropic project!

          A social business

          • Elise Peruzzo, MFI operations manager

            After I finished my studies in translation and intercultural communication I set out to pick a field of expertise. I had always been interested in sustainable development and solidarity, so it made obvious sense for me to lean towards microcredit and become part of the Babyloan team! I fully enjoy the human dimension that springs from and pervades my sustained relationship with the Microfinance Institutions and the day to day task of managing the micro-entrepreneurs’ projects. What more could I ask for?

            Microentrepreneur's projects

            • Violette Cubier, Investment manager/MFI Analyst

              I was drawn to the subjects of finance and development long before I got my degree in political science and international economics. I became acquainted with the workings of micro-entrepreneurship during a stay in Colombia. This first experience with the local project holders convinced me to dedicate my career to microfinance and microcredit. My job at Babyloan allows me to get involved in an exhilarating venture that combines my commitment to solidarity economics and my interest in financial and economic analysis.

              Get involved for a more social microfinance

              • Morgane Perraud, Community Manager

                I discovered social economy sector and more precisely crowdfunding sector during my first work placement in Master. I wanted to continue in this sector at the end of my course in order to give a human sense to my communication work and to use digital strength in favor of solidarity! I hide behind the newsletters you receive, the pages you follow on social networks and the articles you read on Babyloan blog!

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                • Quentin Bevan, Communication Manager

                  After having successfully completed my courses in two journalism and communication schools and carried out several internships in communication agencies and in the media, I perfected my experience working as media relations manager for a noted national press group. This job gave me the opportunity to build up both my knowledge of the media world and a strong network that I can make the best use of now that I work for Babyloan. My role within the team is to make Babyloan a hot topic and get the press to talk about our social mission and solidarity action so more and more lenders will pick up the trend and become part of our community.

                  • We miss her: Aurélie Duthoit

                    Aurélie Duthoit launched Babyloan with Arnaud Poissonnier in 2008 and now devotes herself to personal projects but we still think about her. Thank you Aurélie!