• Arnaud Poissonnier, CEO and founder of Babyloan

    Arnaud Poissonnier, fondateur de BabyloanI used to lead a sheltered life as a wealth management banker but everything changed when I heard of the NGO ACTED and their work in Tajikistan. My life was turned around after I on the field, discovered microcredit and saw for myself the predicament of these populations who do not have access to the traditional banking system. At that point I just had to get involved and I knew there was no going back: solidarity economics were my true calling. I will never forget the first time I met with a microcredit recipient; her name was Satarova and she was from Douchanbe. Her smile simply radiated pride in being able to show that she could make it on her own. That is the very core of what we do at Babyloan.

    Arnaud Poissonnier's story

    • Caroline, Administrative and Financial Manager

      Caroline Lerat, DAF chez Babyloan

      With arising awareness and consciousness for organic, fair, and local trade and practices, working for Babyloan makes me proud, for we put humans at the heart of our activities.

      • Alice Frangulian, Investment manager

        Alice, microfinance analystAfter graduating from a business school, I decided quite naturaly to join Babyloan, as I was looking for a small company linking financial expertise and social impact. I've always been wanting to make solidarity a big part of my career path, and thanks to Babyloan, I am able to work with and meet people around the world fighting poverty and inequalities. Cherry on the cake: being able to work every day in a great team, that has strong common values !


        • Olivier d'Ervau, Microfinance Analyst

          Olivier, Analyste Microfinance


          After a first rich experience in the sector of solidarity-based finance, working for Babyloan made a lot of sense to me: on top of the financial analysis part of the job, I am also interacting in english and spanish with the microfinance institutions all over the globe, and working on the risk management, which I find passionating.

          Microentrepreneur's projects

          • Jay Demazière, Microfinance Operations Manager

            Jay, responsable des opérations

            I enjoy being able to use my translator skills in a social business such as Babyloan.

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            • Carolina, Responsible for corporate partnerships

              Carolina Arriaga, Responsable des partenariats chez Babyloan

              After working for some time in a commercial bank, I fortunately decided to change and focus on solidarity-based finance and social causes ! Originally from Mexico, I am in love with (the real) mexican food, and I'm passionate about helping developping countries, I'm happy to feel useful to the society.

              • Claire Guyon, Marketing & Communications manager

                Claire, marketing manager


                I chose Babyloan after living several years abroad, in search of a job in line with my values, that would allow me to come back to France while keeping an international dimension to it. Our team, tool and purpose makes every day different and exiting !


                • Laurent, IT director

                  Laurent Desgrange, Responsable IT chez Babyloan"Have you tried turning it off an on again? "

                  • Bastien, front-end developer

                    BAstien, Développeur Web chez Babyloan

                    What I like at Babyloan is working on a quite complex technology and project, for the account of people in developping countries. And I like the team (and the coffee!) !

                    • Aya, Project manager

                      Aya, cheffe de projet Babyloan Mali

                      I joind the team to manage the project "Babyloan Mali". After several months in the Philippines, discovering a social entrepreneurship project for young people, followed by a year in Turkey working for a social business helping women being refugees, I am highly motivated to develop this project and allow more and more entrepreneurs in Mai to develop their activities.

                      • Lucas Tesconi, Marketing & Communication Intern

                        As I am passionate about international solidarity and Social Impact Finance, I instantly fell in love with Babyloan as soon as I heard of it. I am more than happy to take part in such a project, which perfectly matches with my values.