• Frédéric Roussel

    Frédéric Roussel is the co-founder of ACTED, a French humanitarian NGO created in 1993 in Afghanistan. As the operations manager, he contributed to expand ACTED’s presence in 25 countries between 1995 and 2005, leading the rehabilitation of operations or long-term projects according to emergency intervention needs. In 1997, he dedicated himself to microfinance, at the request of local populations, and he finally created OXUS, a network of microfinance institutions in 2005. Convinced by the usefulness of Internet to strengthen microfinance, he decided to support the creation of Babyloan in 2008. 

    • Pierre Valentin

      Pierre Valentin, General Representative Manager of Crédit Coopératif, is also the leader of financial operations and shares. As such, he is in charge of making the group known by Microfinance Institutions. He is a former student of Polytechnique, Doctor in physics. Before his arrival in Crédit Coopératif in 2004, he was responsible for the management department of a trust company.

      • Philippe Vayssettes

        Philippe Vayssettes has a diploma of the Institut d’Etudes Politiques of Paris and is entitled of a law master’s degree. He started his career in 1979 at Indosuez Bank as a financial analyst and then management auditor. He joined OBC Bank in 1986 and became General Assistant Director in 1997. Member the board of directors of Neuflize OBC Bank since 2003, Philippe Vayssettes has been heading Neuflize OBC bank and Neuflize OBC companies Board of directors since April 2008.

        • Jean-Hubert Gallouët

          Jean-Hubert Gallouët is one the founder associates of Horus group. For more than 30 years, he has been advising companies working in difficult environments. These last 15 years, he participated in the emergence of microfinance by advising operators and partners, and then by creating and animating the Microfinance Institutions network Advans. He recently launched and set up a mobile banking system.

          • Jean-Luc Perron

            Jean-Luc Perron started his career in the French Agriculture Ministry, and then joined Crédit Agricole group in 1985 where he had various responsibilities of international level. Since 2007, he has been playing an important part in the conception and creation of Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation, of which he has benn general delegate since October 2008.

            • Christophe Jaouen

              Christophe Jaouen started his professional career about 15 years ago, by integrating Société Générale, within which he exercised the task of Head of Mission. At the same time, very interested in international affairs, he joined BNP Paribas group where he managed operational responsibilities in emerging countries (Ukraine, Indonesia) during ten years. For two years now, he has been Subsidiary and Shares Manager of BRED Group, and he is in charge of the follow-up of subsidiaries portfolio of BRED. He takes an active part in external growth operations.

              • Anne et Pierre Baelen

                Pierre Baelen is an engineer who started his career in the finance department of Société Générale, in 1989. He continued his career at CCF, in Paris, then in Germany where he created and run a subsidiary. Then, within CCF, he participated in the creation of a structure dedicated to advise SMEs of their balance sheets. Then, he took his independence by creating BAELEN GAILLARD Company that he rules with François de Gaillard, a manufacturer he met in Germany. BAELEN GAILLARD, founded in 2003, bought companies in diverse fields such as food-processing machines, seals or certification of sports grounds. BAELEN GAILLARD is a family company. Anne Baelen studied in Ecole Supérieure de Publicité (French advertisement school) and has a master’s degree in English. After that, she worked in radio and press, in the sale of advertising space and in communication, from 1988 to 1996. She currently works as a graphologist for Acte.

                • Eric Scotto

                  Eric Scotto, founder and former leader of two famous start-up companies, has a 16 years’ experience in development, sale and company management. He started his career in 1991 as Europe Sales Manager for Market Analysis Company and Information Database Systems (MAID). Then he created and supervised Prline, European leader of corporate information diffusion. He worked with French brokerage company Exane for the promotion of Exane financial analysis tool with the most important global investors. He founded Perfect Wind Group in 2004 and ceased it in 2006 to the global leader or renewable energies Iberdrola. Eric Scotto is now President of AKUO ENERGY group of which he ensures the development.

                  • Christian Blanckaert

                    Christian Blanckaert is chairman of Petit Bateau, former general manager of Hermès, and author of Luxe. Leaping over social gap, he joined Babyloan's strategic committee after being the manager of Action Contre la Faim from 1991 to 2006. Christian Blanckaert graduated from INSEAD and Politic Studies Institute in Paris and is in charge of different works and university teachings (Paris Dauphine, Sciences-Po, ESCP-EAP, ESSEC Paris and Singapore).


                    • Régis Dodin

                      After studying management in Paris Dauphine University, Régis Dodin quickly started to work by creating his first company in the field of rental and information systems. He is a defender of human values, his main leitmotivs being Ethics, Work and Ambition. He regularly invests in Internet companies (Viadeo, i-kiosque…), and joined Babyloan's capital in June 2008, while running Realease Group, created in 1986, one of the independent leaders of financial rental.

                      • Christian Holweck

                        Christian Holweck is a manufacturer. He joins Schlumberger as leader of product development. As an electronics engineer, he contributed to the development of protection and control systems of big electric networks in Europe, South America, Africa and India. Then he took over the counting activity in order to carry out the necessary restructuration following the evolution of “blue disc” meters to electronic meters. He finished his career in water counting for which he ensures growth and outsourcing in 2001. He joined Babyloan's strategic committee in 2008.

                        • Marco Santori

                          Marco Santori was born in Padua in 1967. Engineer in mechanics, he used to work for the Italian Cooperation for Development in Brazil (1992-1995), and then he made a career as an entrepreneur in multinational companies. In 2001, he joined started working in the development of social economy. He has been heading the Consortium Etimos for 11 years; an international cooperative consortium specialized in the support of Microfinance institutions. In addition to taking part to the boards of several companies operating in development and fair trade, both Italian and international, he currently is Chairman of Etimos Foundation (since 2010). In 2011, he favored the creation of MXit-Microcredit for Italia, the first Italian social business working in financial inclusion.