• Novice or serial lender?

    1 star? You are a novice lender! Thank you for your loan and…if you are seduced by our model, pass the second star: you are so close!

    2 stars? Well done! You are a confirmed lender! You lent between two and nine times and, without any doubt, you will not stop lending!

    3 stars? Congratulations! The serial lender is you, you lent 10 times and more! Be careful! Wanted for heroic philanthropic deeds!

    • Farmer or craftsman?

      The "Business sector" badges will show you in which business sector you are used to lend: agriculture (ear of wheat), food (knuckle of ham), handicraft (monkey wrench and paintbrush), business (the lovely shop) or services (the van)? In order to get them, you have to lend at least three times in one of these sectors!

      • Are you faithful?

        That is THE question... Is your faithfulness unfailing? Don’t worry! Faithfulness system on Babyloan allows encourages you to look elsewhere, without restrictions! With loyalty badge, you will be able to lend to the number of microentrepreneurs you want without paying a contribution at each transfer! So, how can I get it? Choose the Annual Subscription: sometimes, commitment simplifies your life!

        Become faithful

        • Are you feminist?

          Show your intentions! Some of our partners only finance women, like Mikra in Bosnia, Asala in Palestine or Komida in Indonesia. After three loans in one of these Microfinance Institutions, you will get this lovely pink badge.

          Women and microcredit

          • You are an eco-freak?

            You are concerned about the future of the microentrepreneurs to whom you lend… but also about the future of the planet where you live! That’s why you favor microentrepreneurs whose activity is green and you supported at least three Peruvian microentrepreneurs financed by our eco-responsible partner Fondesurco. It’s entirely to your credit: as a reward, here is a 100% virtual green badge.

            • Are you a reckless lender?

              For sure you lend. But in addition to that, you lent at least three times in particularly delicate areas, like in Haiti (land of earthquakes), or in Palestine, where Israeli-Palestinian conflict is brewing up. Without any doubt, you deserve the badge of reckless lenders!

              Is there a risk to lending with Babyloan?

              • Are you a great traveler?

                With country badges, you will have a brief idea of the countries where you lent money! So, are you the sort of person who always visits the same country, madly in love with it, or the sort to venture everywhere if you have the opportunity to do so?