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This month: 136 loans funded thanks to 336 Babyloan lenders

Overall funds raised: 19 million euros!

The Babyloan Gift Card

In a few clicks, give a philanthropic and original gift!

How does it work ?
A personalized Gift Card for your loved ones

You have received a Gift Card ?

Choose the delivery method of the Gift Card

You have two options:

- Sending the Card by email: the recipient will receive the Gift Card and the code by email, on schedule.

- Printing the Card and giving it personally to the recipient: receive your Gift Card by email and then print it to give it to the recipient on D-day!

NB: If the recipient of the Gift Card does not use the Card within two months, the money will be transferred on your Babyloan piggybank. 


Sending date:

Choose the amount of the Gift Card

Last step, choose the amount of the Gift Card: from €10 to €1,000.

*The fields “first name” and “email” are compulsory but don’t worry, if you deliver the Gift Card by hand to the recipient, we will not send him an email!