Despite each having their own reason for having joined, all the members of our community are proud to take part in an innovative form of solidarity. Throughout our 8 years of existence, we have received countless messages that bear witness to the commitment of our lenders.

Julie – Babyloan lender since 2010

“Providing support, while being free to choose the people we help! That’s Babyloan!

The strength of the site is in knowing where the money is going! Quite the opposite from other solidarity initiatives, the fact that I can choose the person that I support makes me feel like I’m taking real action. You don’t need to lend a lot of money to have a strong impact: you lend, you get repaid and you lend again. Since 2010, I have contributed a total of €100, which has allowed me to lend €220 to 7 projects! This leverage effect reinforces that feeling of taking real action.”

Every week, many members tell us about why they have lent money to micro-entrepreneurs, about their sense of solidarity. You too can contact us to let us know the reasons behind your commitment, and share with us your own experiences of solidarity!

 The chance of a decent life… for everyone!

 Anyone can make a real difference!

 I support microcredit because it’s small but mighty!

 Contribute to micro-development through a real, direct act of solidarity.

 Quite simply, to enable a family to live decently thanks to work.

 Help at my own level, with my means!

 The thought that, with what is only a little amount here, we can do so much more elsewhere

 Quite simply, to help people to make something of their ideas and to improve their lives!