A life marked by the history of Cambodia

In 1975, under Pol Pot regime, Suo has had to move to a village at Thai border. The Khmer rouges were controlling all the inhabitants of the country. Suo has been separated from her family. She had to carry out agricultural work imposed in military camps.  She had very long workday, without pause, in direct sunlight with just enough water to slake her thirst and a minuscule rice ration. Three months later, she could join her native village for a while. Then, she has to go back to work for Pol Plot regime in another village but this time to take care of the children that Khmer Rouge had kidnapped.

During this tragic period of the history, many Cambodians have been forced into marriage. Suo would have been married with a man that she did not know but she refused. She does not mention it but it was certainly at the risk of her life. She also had to change her name and to be called Ra during the time she spent in the camps.