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Live: 26 loans to fund

This month: 121 loans funded thanks to 768 Babyloan lenders

Overall funds raised: 25 million euros!

How does philanthropic lending work?

On the Babyloan platform, all of you web users can support a microentrepreneur by lending him money. Once you have been repaid, you can lend the money again to support another project. That is the strength of philanthropic lending.

  • I choose a project
    1 I choose a project

    Thanks to philanthropic lending you choose the project(s) you wish to support. In order to make your reasearch easier, you can sort out the projects by country, sector... and you can of course support several microentrepreneurs at once!

  • I lend
    2 I lend €10 or more

    You are free to decide the amount of money that you wish to lend, from €10. Upon making the transaction you will be requested to pay an additional fee, which is necessary for Babyloan to function and deal with the money transfer processes. 

  • I get repaid
    3 I get repaid each month

    Philantrophic loans differ from donations as you get repaid on a monthly basis. The reimbursement process begins as soon as the microentrepreneur’s project is completely funded. Once you have received the announcement e-mail, you have to wait for two months before receiving the first repayment.

  • I lend again
    4 I lend again or withdraw my money

    Upon receiving your loan repayment, you can either lend this amount again or withdraw it to your bank account. That is the heart and strength of solidarity lending: the initial invested sum of money can be used to support several people!