What is social finance?

Despite being an apparent contradiction of terms, social finance has many bright days ahead of it. So, what is its definition? Quite simply, it consists in give a meaning to one’s money.

Social finance is the decision to use the money that is lying dormant on our bank accounts to finance (genuinely) social or environmental projects. This form of solidarity supports job creation, better social housing, and even development projects in the neediest countries.


And… does it work?

Social finance works. It really does. All you need to do is look at the figures produced by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Finance and Public Accounts (in French).

Between 2002 and 2011 in France, social finance enabled:

  • the creation and development of 827,000 companies
  • the creation or consolidation of 201,000 jobs
  • 33,500 people to be housed
  • the support of 1,000 international solidarity projects
  • the transformation of thousands of hectares into organic farming land


The Finansol label

The French association Finansol, established in 1995, has a key role to play in the world of social finance. The association’s label distinguishes organisations that use individuals' savings to finance activities with high social and/or environmental value, and attests to the commitment of those social organisations as well their trustworthiness.


Babyloan is proud to have earned this label, way back in 2009! This label places us as a key player in the field of social finance, and attests the seriousness of our social commitments. As such, our microfinance team and selection committee ensures that our partners around the world work to make a real difference to the living conditions of micro-entrepreneurs.


How to take action with Babyloan, in favor of a more social finance?

There are two options:

In both cases it is an interest-free loan, and we deduct a small contribution to keep our social business running, so please do not expect any sort of return on your investment.

See it as a philanthropic act, which helps us fight more effectively against poverty and bank exclusion.