• Convergences 2015

    Convergences 2015 is a community animated by the NGO ACTED. It initiated the study of the French Microfinance Barometer which sets up a complete panorama of French microfinance in France and abroad in order to make this sector and its current issues more accessible and understandable to a wide audience. The Barometer was published in May 2010 in partnership with Le Monde Economie & IPSOS. Babyloan is an active member of the Barometer's steering group. Convergences 2015 is also one of the most important European conferences on microfinance and social business.

    • Mouvement des Entrepreneurs Sociaux

      Within the "Mouvement des Entrepreneurs sociaux", launched by Hugues Sibille and chaired by Jean-Marc Borello, Babyloan takes part in the construction of the project "social company label". The aim of the movement is to build an active community of social entrepreneurs to affirm the role of social entrepreneurship in the public debate, and public and economic policies.

      • Finansol

        Founded in 1995, the mission of the association Finansol is to promote solidarity in savings and finance. Finansol gathers protagonists specialized in financing philanthropic activities in France and abroad. Its activity is developed around three sectors: communication (events and publication of studies), observatory (sector analysis), and lobbying. Babyloan has been actively involved in Finansol since it joined the network in 2009, on topics such as assessing the impact of actors and solidarity actions. Finansol also launched its own label, awarded by an independent committee, guaranteeing investors the solidarity and the transparency of the investments they subscribe. Babyloan's loan obtained the Finansol label in April 2009.

        • Entrepreneurs d’avenir

          The network Entrepreneurs d’avenir wants to promote a new model for companies: the "overall performance". It suggests that competitiveness must be combined with the respect of individual's well-being at work as well as ethical, social and environmental standards. It allows its members to communicate about thoughts, suggestions and best practices of entrepreneurs. As a member of “Entrepreneurs d’avenir”, Babyloan takes part in discussions and events initiated by the association to promote the entrepreneurship of tomorrow.

          • Association Financement Participatif France

            The association Financement Participatif France gathers the fifty existing crowdfunding platforms in France. It aims at bringing the issues of crowdfunding in the regulatory debate and assists the authorities in their reflection on its new challenges. Babyloan is a founding member and is the voice of interest-free loan in the universe of crowdfunding.

            • BPI France

              A platform was created in 2013, aiming at supporting the emergence of crowdfunding in France and displaying multiple projects from various crowdfunding websites. This initiative comes from BPI France offering to connect via a single search engine, users and projects of all partner crowdfunding platforms.