1.    I shared a link, friends told me that they had lent but I do not see any referrals on my personal space.

    To take advantage of the mentorship, it is important to use the referral tool on your personal space. Via the personalised link - that you now must share - we can recognise the lenders who are introduced thanks to you. You will find your referred friends in your personal space.

    2.    When am I going to receive the €10 for having referred a lender?

    You will receive your gift of €10 when 2 lenders have been introduced to Babyloan by clicking on your referral link. If you have 3 referrals on Babyloan, you will have therefore already received a gift of €10. You will therefore have to “recruit” one last referral in order to receive a second €10 gift.

    You can keep updated with your referrals by clicking on the My activity heading, under Referrals.

    3.    Where should I enter my gift code?

    The gift code is to be entered in the corresponding field on the “My selection” page when it comes to confirming your loan(s). The gift will be deducted from the total transaction amount.