Improving access to drinkable water

The district where Heydi and Manuel live, Colonia Villa Nueva, is very poor. The population has no access to basic services, including drinkable water. The government has not done the necessary work to bring drinkable water to homes in the neighborhood. Then, people are forced to purchase water to tankers that come every day to fill the water tanks that inhabitants have behind their house or on their roof. Most of these tanks are recycled from paints/dyes containers from the United States. They still contain toxic products which contaminate water used by families. A tank costs around 1,500 Lempiras (€60) but is extremely dangerous for the health of users, who continuously consume polluted water.

Ahsetfin has developed an alternative for these families, CrediAgua, financed by Oikocredit. The MFI offers a microcredit to its clients so that they can purchase a water tank ROTOPLAS. This tank is clean and covered by a lifetime warranty. Thanks to this partnership,an employee comes to install a tank at the customer’s home and carries out a yearly maintenance visit. This tank is more expensive (6,000 Lempiras = €240) but it allows families to save money, to improve their health and their living conditions. Families are not necessarily aware of the harmful effects of contaminated or bad quality water. Ahsetfin credit officers must educate their clients about these aspects and explain them the long-term benefits of a tank like ROTOPLAS. This is a long process. Ahsetfin has already granted 103 credits and hopes to grand even more.