Kiva and Babyloan have been working together ever since, with the common goal of reducing poverty through low-cost financial services to microfinance institutions from all around the world. It happens for us to work with the same MFIs, which is the case for instance with our partners EdaProspo and Gata Daku; we want to make sure that no projects are financed on both platforms, so we have developed a shared set of procedures. Each semester Kiva sends us the list of the microentrepreneurs whose projects have been supported on their website, and we scrupulously check that they have not been funded on the Babyloan platform as well.

What makes the difference between Kiva and Babyloan

Kiva and Babyloan may be related but they are still different! Here are some of the differences that distinguish one platform from the other:

Kiva is an association whereas Babyloan chose the status of social business. This is an important difference because it means that their methods of remuneration greatly differ. Babyloan has to rely on the upon-transaction fee system since it is an actual business and therefore cannot collect donations nor public funds.

Next difference? Clearly the span of both organizations’ impact. Kiva has been working in the sector for more time and is nw located in 78 countries around the globe, against 15 for Babyloan.

Did you know? 0.3% of the American population lend on Kiva while only 0,027% of the French has adopted the new approach to solidarity that Babyloan promotes.

Babyloan is growing up!

Babyloan may be small but it makes up for it with its innovative methods and forward thinking, making it a close second to its big brother Kiva.

In September 2014, Babyloan indeed decided to make it its mission to promote interest-free lending and make it accessible for the general public. On our website, you can make a loan from €10 and we also offer to take charge of making the loans for you: just select your criteria and we can start lending on your behalf each month!