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Babyloan lends on your behalf

You are a hurried lender and do not want to spend precious time looking for a project to support? Then our “Babyloan lends on your behalf” option is just what you need! Thanks to this option, you can trust Babyloan to take charge of allocating your funds and we lend your money to the projects that fit your criteria.

  • lending on your behalf
    1 I credit my piggybank

    As soon as you have enough money on your piggy bank, €10 (if you suscribed to the Annual Subscription)  or €12, Babyloan can lend on your behalf. You can directly credit your piggybank in your personal space.

  • lending on your behalf
    2 I choose between two options

    Either you choose allocation criteria in your personal space (country, activity sectors and gender), then we will respect your choices and lend to the projects which correspond to you. Or you let Babyloan assign the money to the projects which have priority.

  • lending on your behalf
    3 I receive a recap

    You receive an email as soon as your money has been lent to a new project. You can also check the details of your loans on your personal space. The loans we made on your behalf display a question mark.

  • lending on your behalf
    4 I can lend manually

    If you wish so, you can lend manually. You can pilot your option whenever you want from your personnal space.