Introduced in 2011, Babyloan’s business partnership opportunities respond to both an increasing demand for companies to develop strong, innovative activities as part of a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, and to Babyloan’s drive to provide socially-responsible lending to more and more entrepreneurs.

Innovative CSR initiatives with a strong impact

Socially-responsible lending is a powerful phenomenon that transmits positive values and encourages economic development through entrepreneurship. In time, loans are paid back to their lenders, who may then choose to “recycle” the funds by way of a repeat loan to another microentrepreneur. It serves as a veritable social lever: with a single injection of money, an infinite number of micro-entrepreneurs can receive financing over time.

In keeping with the core principles of the Babyloan concept, the partnership opportunities are built around social lending and not donations.


Finding common ground with your activities and your organisation

Babyloan has developed seven partnership opportunities that enable you to use the notion of social lending to target and strengthen your CSR strategy.

  • Mobilise your employees by setting a Solidarity Challenge
  • Involve more people in the projects that you support with the voting platform
  • Make a long-term commitment allocating loans to meaningful projects
  • Reward your staff or make your clients feel appreciated by offering gift cards
  • Involve your clients and make them a part of your CSR programme, with the shared productivity offer
  • Become a Babyloan event sponsor
  • Invest in the Babyloan fund


The variety of countries supported and sectors represented by the microentrepreneurs allows for a sector- and/or geographic-based approach, enabling you to select projects in line with your activities and/or your national or international presence.

Digital mobilisation tools to power the solidarity economy

A pioneer of participatory financing, Babyloan’s knowledge of public mobilisation and fundraising means it can offer a specific, affordable and original response to CSR issues. Thanks to its innovative digital tools that adapt to different requirements throughout the world, Babyloan’s partnership opportunities are international and unique.

As befits Babyloan’s legal structure as a social business, innovation is at the heart of its partnerships. Such a partnership will introduce your organisation to the realm of today’s solidarity economy and what is at stake there. The partnerships are a meaningful and resolutely digital approach to Corporate Social Responsibility.