The philanthropic action of our social business started in 2008 with only three partner countries: Benin, Cambodia and Tajikistan. We are now proud to support micro-entrepreneurs in 17 countries!


Babyloan has been supporting microentrepreneurs’ projects in Africa since its creation in 2008. Our social business now brings financial support to three sub-Saharan African countries: Benin, Senegal, Mali, Kenya and Uganda.

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Latin America 

Babyloan is deeply involved in the development of microfinance in Latin America and now works in partnership with MFIs from four countries in the area: Ecuador, Haiti, HondurasNicaragua and Peru.

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South-East Asia 

Babyloan has been bringing support to Asian microentrepreneurs since 2008 but since then, our action in this part of the world has taken the form of three partnerships that allow us to support many micro-entrepreneurs in this part of the globe: Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

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Babyloan has started helping out European microentrepreneurs in 2012, in countries from both Western and Eastern Europe: France, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Belgium.

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Arab World  

Babyloan got involved in the Arab World since the early beginnings of our social business. We are currently engaged in two countries in North Africa and the Middle East: Morocco and Palestine.

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Each year, we create new partnerships which enable our lenders to support microentrepreneurs located in other parts of the world. Our priority is to guarantee our philanthropic lenders the repayment of their loans. As of today, our repayment rate is 99.50%.

In this way, we sometimes stop some of our partnerships, which are not steady, like in Vietnam, in Tajikistan or in Costa Rica recently.