• Ugo ORLANDO, lender since 2013

    Lending money means empowering people. [...] Instead of putting money on my bank account, I invest it in local economies, on a global scale! With several loans, we can fund a project. With several projects, we can make a neighborhood more dynamic and change several dozens of lives. In addition to more philanthropic, Babyloan’s approach respects local ecosystem. [...]If the banks drop the protagonists of economy, we have to fund their projects!

    • Michel PERSONNE, lender since 2009

      I lend because thanks to Babyloan much can be done with little money.

      • Alain THIBAUX, lender since 2014

        I am aware of the importance of microcredit and concerned by a fairest economy, and I have been supporting social economy through Babyloan for several years. [...]I noticed in direct the impact that a small help to small structures could have on a woman cooperative in Mejji, in Morocco and I think that this is a duty for each one of us, to the extent of our means, to support such initiatives.

        • Lucie ROBIN, lender since 2012

          I lend on Babyloan because the global financial system functions in closed-circuit. A loan should remain a loan, otherwise, let’s call it a sale (of money).

          • Thierry SOUVAY, lender since 2010

            Who has never wanted to change the world, to turn it to a fairer and more impartial world? Committed in entrepreneurship when I opened my account, I wanted to help other people who don’t have the same means as I have, to fulfill a part of their dream while I was fulfilling one of mines, and what help does it bring. I am proud of it, without talking about it. In short, I have had a crush on Babyloan among other ways to help other people, but which is important to me.

            • Aude LE PIMPEC, lender since 2014

              I lend on Babyloan because this is a concrete way to support people, a way to participate in a more human globalization, where concrete projects enable people or families to be financially independent. Sometimes, €100 are enough to find a way out of poverty!

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