1. I can’t join a group

    You can only join a group if you are a lender. If you did not lend money, you won’t be able to create or to join a group.

    2. I noticed a litigious comment on the group forum

    You can report comments if you think they are not conformed to the forum policy by using the cross next to the comment. Our team will directly be informed and will take the necessary measures.

    3. I don’t want my group to be public

    There are three confidentiality options for your group. You can see them from the dashboard of your group:

    • Public: everyone can see and join your group without your prior agreement.
    • Semi-public: everyone can see your group but the captain has to give his agreement to join it. In this case, a subscription application is sent by email to the captain who has to accept it.
    • Private: your group is totally private and the subscription is only possible if the captain of the group invites lenders.

    4. How can I delete members of a group? 

    In order to delete a member of a group, you have to click on the cross displayed on the badge of the member in the section “Handle my group”, in the tab “Handle the members”.

    Please note: Only the captain can delete a member of a group. However, each member of a group can indicate if a member has a litigious behavior.