1. How is calculated the amount of the annual subscription?

    In order to get an annual subscription, you must have lent once.

    The amount of the annual subscription is calculated on your outstanding amount. It represents 10% of the money you have on Babyloan, whether you lent this money or you have it on your piggy bank. The amount displayed on your personal space is personalized and is not the same for each lender.

    Example: You currently have €200 in pending repayment and €40 on your piggybank. The amount of the contribution comes to 10% of €240, that is to say €24.

    2. How much time does the subscription last?

    The annual subscription lasts one year. You can subscribe whenever you want. At each anniversary date, we will ask you if you want to renew it. If you don’t, you will carry on with the usual unit contribution.

    3. Why is the amount of my annual subscription different from one year to the next?

    The amount of the subscription is calculated every year at the date when you transferred money on the loan system. If in the meantime you added or withdrew money on your Babyloan account, then the amount will be calculated according to the money you lend on Babyloan.