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Live: 16 loans to fund

This month: 96 loans funded thanks to 498 Babyloan lenders

Overall funds raised: 25 million euros!

Crédit Coopératif

The Crédit Coopératif, through its status of banking cooperative, acts in the logic of economic philanthropy. Thus, it is naturally close to ethical and philanthropic finance values. It accompanies projects which social usefulness is as important as financial profitability. The Crédit Coopératif wants to promote the interests not only of these clients and members, but also the interests of social economy in its integrality. It commits itself with professional and personal microcredit and identifies itself with sustainable development preoccupations in their three dimensions: economic, social and environmental. The Crédit Coopératif accompanies us since the first months of Babyloan. Apart from the fact that this social bank is in charge of functioning account of Babyloan, it contributes to spread Babyloan.