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Become a group leader on Babyloan

You want to share your experience with people whose sense of solidarity also led them to philanthropic lending? You want to rally other lenders with the same aspirations, or who live in your area or make their loan in the same country as you do? Why not create or join a group?

Groups are made for you!

  • microcredit philanthropy microentrepreneurs
    1 I make a loan on Babyloan

    You have to have made at least one first loan in order to create or join a group. Our tip: the dedicated search engine on our Community page allows you to browse the groups in search of the ones that meet your criteria.

  • Phlanthropic group microentrepreneurs philanthropic
    2 I create a group or join an existing one

    In just a few clicks, you can create your group on Babyloan and become a group leader. What every good leader needs is a team to work with. Boost your group’s popularity by customizing it with a catchy name, a picture and a theme!

  • microentrepreneurs solidarity financing philanthropic microcredit
    3 I invite other lenders

    Invite other lenders who share your centers of interest. You can invite up to ten lenders a day. Find your next group members through the search engine on the group admin page. Just a reminder: only the group leader is able to invite a lender to join their group! 

  • philanthropic microcredit microentrepreneurs solidarity economy
    4 I discuss on the group forum

    Our group forum is the place for you to share with the members of your group: your aspirations, opinions on hot topics, upcoming events, projects to support together... Anything is possible, though the group leader has to mind that their team always remains within the bounds of propriety!