It all starts in 2004

Upon meeting a microentrepreneur in Tadjikistan... 

he simply knew that microfinance was his true calling and he saw microcredit for the incredibly powerful development tool that it is: a way for populations that do not have access to the traditional banking system to retain their dignity and work towards building themselves a better life.

 Microcredit gives everyone the means to find funding for their projects and to find a way out of poverty. This is what I call “banking on a smile”!

 When he came back to France, something just clicked: from this moment on he wanted to work for the greater good.


That’s where it all began!

Arnaud Poissonnier brings Aurélie Duthoit in on the project. He knows solidarity-based finance; she is an entrepreneur who strongly believes in the power of microfinance. Both of them are hooked on internet and are convinced that the Web has incredible potential in terms of fundraising.

Arnaud and Aurélie therefore started incubating a website aimed at funding microentrepreneurs’ projects all around the world, having drawn on the model of its American equivalent, Kiva.

In 2008, they take the plunge together and unveil the very first French philanthropic lending platform. From its earliest days, the platform has managed to win over the general public with its core values of solidarity, allocation, affordability and empowerment through entrepreneurship.


And the adventure goes on

A number of key players have made it possible for this unique venture to go this far; among others the NGO ACTED whose experience in development operations was instrumental for the social business to lay its foundations, and the banks BRED and Crédit Coopératif  whose expertise in financial flow management was precious in deciding on the workings of Babyloan.

As he wanted the younger public to be more aware about microcredit, Arnaud Poissonnier gave its impulse to the association Babyloan networks in 2012 to carry out a pedagogical project in schools.

Six years later, Arnaud Poissonnier is as involved in this project as he ever was. He works tirelessly to get the public involved with Babyloan a tool at the crossroads between crowdfunding, microfinance and social entrepreneurship.

Welcome to solidarity 2.0!