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Live: 16 loans to fund

This month: 96 loans funded thanks to 498 Babyloan lenders

Overall funds raised: 25 million euros!

Arnaud Poissonnier, CEO and founder of Babyloan

Arnaud Poissonnier, fondateur de BabyloanI used to lead a sheltered life as a wealth management banker but everything changed when I heard of the NGO ACTED and their work in Tajikistan. My life was turned around after I on the field, discovered microcredit and saw for myself the predicament of these populations who do not have access to the traditional banking system. At that point I just had to get involved and I knew there was no going back: solidarity economics were my true calling. I will never forget the first time I met with a microcredit recipient; her name was Satarova and she was from Douchanbe. Her smile simply radiated pride in being able to show that she could make it on her own. That is the very core of what we do at Babyloan.