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Live: 15 loans to fund

This month: 168 loans funded thanks to 1116 Babyloan lenders

Overall funds raised: 25 million euros!

Get a Babyloan annual subscription

You fell in love with the Babyloan concept but you are getting tired of paying a fee each time you make a loan? You would like to contribute to the development of our philanthropic adventure? Become a Babyloan “Active Member” by choosing to subscribe annually. You will only pay your contribution once a year and will be lending free of charge for a whole year!

  • annual subscription
    1 I pay once for all for my annual subscription

    You can find out the amount of your annual subscription in the “annual subscription” section of your personal account. It represents 10% of the funds you currently have in the system, whether on your account or pending repayment.

  • annual subscription
    2 I lend freely for a whole year

    Once you pay for you annual subscription, you are then free to lend without limits on Babyloan! For a whole year, any loan or transaction you make will be free of charge. Like this, the leverage effect of philanthropic lending will be multiplied!

  • annual subscription
    3 I enjoy my « Active Member » advantages

    You become one of our “Active Members” and benefit from our personalized support services whenever you encounter a difficulty or have a question to ask.

  • annual subscription
    4 I renew it or not !

    Once the year comes to an end, you can choose to get back to paying a small fee upon each transaction, or you can decide to renew your annual subscription. The amount may be different from the previous year, according to whether you added or withdrawn funds from the system.