Togo, a mix of peoples

More than forty different ethnic groups live in Togo. The two biggest are the Ewes, who represent a fifth of the population and are very present in the South and the Kabyès (“Kabyè” means “landsman”), who represent a seventh of the population and mainly live in the North of the country. In Lomé, in South Western Togo and in the whole maritime area, the vehicular language is the Ewe – in the form of mina dialect. However, it is not unusual to hear Kabyè language there, in particular in Agbalépédo’s district, where Alia lives. With its bus station, this district, located in Northern Lomé, is the gate toward Northern Togo (Dapaong, Sokodé, etc).

Picture: The Evala are a traditional Kabyè celebration and an initiatory rite for young Kabyès who prepare ahead of it for this showdown.