Since its creation Babyloan’s priority has been to defend a social and inclusive form of microfinance.

That is why we carefully select our local partners – the microfinance institutions – according to their social impact. These are long-term partnerships destined to help the MFIs with their social mission: finding sustainable and responsible ways to answer to the need for funding and guidance of the microentrepreneurs who do not have access to the traditional banking system.

We give priority to institutions with strong social impact

Our goal is to reach microfinance instutions with a strong social action in countries and areas of the word that bigger investors are usually reluctant to work in, or that cannot easily gain access to funding.

Our local partner selection process is very strict.

It gives priority to small and middle-sized local structures that maintain a close relationship with their clients. With the help of our Selection Comittee, we pay close attention to the social impact of the institutions.


99.2 % repayment rate

To this day, Babyloan has never encountered definitive loss and does not considered any loan as “written off” (when no repayment is possible at all) by our partner Microfinance Institution, further to potential payment default by microentrepreneurs. Then, 99.92% of the loans have been repaid, which allows Babyloan to feature among the handful of best-quality microcredit crowdfunding platforms.

On Babyloan, you can act in favor of a social microfinance by lending money to the person you choose.

The mechanism is easy: you choose a project in one of our countries of action, you make a loan of €10 or more, and you are repaid each month from a part of the amount. Once you have been completely repaid, you can withdraw the money or lend again.


Microcredit application

Babyloan is not a finance institution and hence does not grant microcredits. Our mission consists in funding projects through crowdfunding.

To apply for a microcredit or to submit a funding application, contact our partner microfinance institutions.