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Live: 26 loans to fund

This month: 121 loans funded thanks to 768 Babyloan lenders

Overall funds raised: 25 million euros!

The Babyloan Gift Card

You want to find a good gift for a loved one? You want an original and meaningful gift? We’ve got the perfect gift for you to make: Babyloan Gift Card to make him find out about philanthropic lending and to help a person to find a way out of poverty

  • 1 I choose the amount €10 or more

    From €10 to €1,000, according to your budget! You then enter in the name of the recipient, the way you want him to receive the gift card, pay the Babyloan fee in order for your friend not to pay anything when he makes his loan.

  • 2 The recipient chooses a project to support

    Upon reception of the code, your friend only has to choose the microentrepreneur(s) he wants to support according to his preference criteria, then types in the code into the "my selection" field and confirms the loan.

  • 3 The loan is repaid on their Babyloan account

    Once the project your friend supported has been entirely funded, the repayment process starts. Each month, part of the funds will be refunded on your friend’s Babyloan account.

  • 4 Make a new loan or withdraw the funds

    As soon as he receives the first repayment instalment on his account, your friend can make another loan (min. €10) or wait until the loan has been entirely repaid to withdraw the funds or make another loan.