What exactly is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a mechanism used to raise funds – generally small amounts – from the general public, with a view to financing a project, be it creative, ecological, charitable, or even entrepreneurial.

It has experienced significant growth these last years as people are more and more eager to make a difference to the economy. To such an extent that the French public authorities have been moved to draw up a legal framework for this activity.

Did you know? In 2014, almost one million French people had already made a contribution on a crowdfunding platform!

So where does Babyloan fit in?

In the overall landscape of crowdfunding, Babyloan stands out due to the profile of its beneficiaries – small entrepreneurs without access to the banking system – and due to its commitment in the fight against poverty.

Our competence lies in our ability to appeal to the public’s generosity, but also in the selection of the projects published on our platform. Our field partners, who grant the loans in our countries of operation, must constantly find the subtle balance between financial stability – to guarantee that you are repaid! – and social impact.

Babyloan members of the association Financement Participatif France.This self-styled philanthropic crowdfunding is a crucial part of the Babyloan identity; more than 30,000 people decided to join our loyal community of members, who have lent €9 million since 2008.

Babyloan is one of the founder members of the association Financement Participatif France.

Babyloan shareholder community

At the end of 2013, Babyloan opened its capital to its lenders by raising funds on Anaxago, an equity crowdfunding platform. Many Babyloan members have been able to show their commitment to Babyloan by becoming shareholders.

If you too are inspired by the potential of our unique form of solidarity, and would like to become a Babyloan shareholder-member, contact us.